The Pizza From ‘Home Alone’ Is Available For Today Only

This month is the 25th anniversary of Home Alone. That’s 25 years of Buzz, 25 years of Joe Pesci with his head on fire, 25 years of Kevin being a menace to society. And much like the Pepsi Perfect and Nike MAGs tie-ins for Back to the Future Day, you’ll be able to buy a slice of Home Alone nostalgia today.

Beginning at 11 a.m., 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and UberEATS will let Pizza Underground fans order a pie (“That’ll be $11.80, sir”) from Little Nero’s Pizza, the fictional company seen in the movie. No fiddlin’ around.

Uber drivers bearing the Little Nero’s hats and car logo will bring the pies in their appropriate Little Nero’s Pizza boxes. The pizza will actually be local restaurants such as Numero 28 Pizzeria in New York, the Doughroom in Los Angeles, Big G’s Pizza in Chicago, or Patxi’s Pizza in San Francisco. Naturally, each delivery comes with a digital HD code for Home Alone to complete the experience. (Via)

A reminder that unlike Kevin, who’s an absolute monster, you should probably pay for the pizza, although giving the delivery person to the count of 10 to get the hell off your property, or else, is recommended. It’s also probably not your first time calling an Uber driver a filthy animal.

(Via USA Today)

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