‘Ant-Man’ Gets An Honest Trailer Sadly Devoid Of ‘Mac And Me’ Clips

The newest honest trailer from Screen Junkies takes on Ant-Man, “a superhero so ridiculous, you’ll swear Marvel’s choosing their projects on a dare.” Besides pointing out that the plot is basically Iron Man, they also poke fun at all the Hank Pym science exposition breaks and Marvel’s ability to sell us literally anything.

The honest trailer still seemed to praise the movie quite a bit while holding it under the microscope. Probably because it had Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd. Really, they could have had the honest trailer cut to a clip of Mac and Me half-way through and we’d have been satisfied. Hopefully when the sequel rolls around, Marvel will give us even more Paul Rudd by introducing a Pym-designed cloning machine and a subplot involving a new, silly-named hero known only as Celery Man…

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Via Screen Junkies