Eureka! ‘Interstellar’ Gets A Brutally Honest Trailer.

Since Christopher Nolan’s Contact — er, we mean Interstellar — was released on home video yesterday, Screen Junkies made a timely Honest Trailer filled with spoilers and fodder for flamewars with Nolan fans. We were hoping the voiceover guy, John Bailey, would break out his existential McConaughey impersonation, but we’ll settle for lines like this instead: “Matthew McConaughey stars as Matthew McConaughey, barely pretending to be a guy named Coop. He’s a pilot-turned-corn-farmer, struggling against the words trying to escape from his mouth.”

Full disclosure: Interstellar was my favorite new movie of 2014, but I saw almost no movies (working two jobs’ll do that) and concede that most of this honest trailer’s criticisms are completely warranted. On the other hand, no complaint about name repetition or Luigi Affleck will change the sentiment behind our honest poster for this movie.

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Via Screen Junkies