Honest Trailers Plays Nice With ‘John Wick,’ Because Otherwise He’d Kill Them

The newest honest trailer from Screen Junkies is talking about that same movie all your friends won’t shut up about: John Wick. And what better time to talk about immortal 50-year-old Keanu Reeves shooting all the guys tangentially related to the guy who killed his dog? There’s a sequel opening this Friday, possibly a prequel coming to TV, and some damn fine supercuts floating around of John Wick killing 84 people. Yes, 84. A lot of folks around the internet (including Screen Junkies in the video above) will tell you it was 76 people, but David Leitch has clarified, “That number’s a little light. I saw that video, but they forgot to count the guys in the various SUVs he crashed and blew up. If you include them then it’s actually 84.”

Don’t kill John Wick’s dog, ya’ll, or he’ll “turn the entire world into a game of Call Of Duty on the easiest difficulty.”

This honest trailer is almost entirely hagiographic, but they did get one mind-blowing negative observation in there: “We pray that Keanu pulls off what he’s never done before: follow up a great action movie with a sequel that doesn’t suck.”

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Via Screen Junkies