The ‘Minions’ Get A Brutally Honest Trailer Befitting Their Brutally Annoying Reign Of Terror

Minions was, inexplicably, the second highest-grossing animated movie ever, inspiring Dachshund cosplay, custom tampons, custom menstrual pads (sensing a pattern forming here), f-bomb dropping Happy Meal toys, panic in the streets of Dublin, and “those horrible Facebook memes your aunt keeps posting that don’t even have anything to do with Minions.” Now these fire hydrant-banging, Nazi-sympathizing (probably, if they hadn’t gotten stuck in that ice cave), wee yellow bastards have inspired an honest trailer.

“From Universal Pictures’… marketing department comes one of the most expensive, far-reaching promotional campaigns of all-time… and also a movie,” says Screen Junkies about this Despicable Me spin-off which doesn’t even explain what these Minions are, anyway. They continue to drag these squatty little guttersnipes to the woodshed: “So, after Pixar showed us that children’s movies can be great and The LEGO Movie proved that even shameless marketing can be fun, let Minions remind you that cynical studio branding exercises make just as crappy films as you’d expect.”

But seriously, what’s up with the fire hydrant humping?

First, they came for the fire hydrants, and I did nothing, for I wasn’t a fire hydrant…

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Via Screen Junkies