This ‘Star Wars’ Honest Trailer Makes Us See Hayden Christensen In A New Light

“Return to a time when technology forced George Lucas to collaborate with other people.”

SHOTS FIRED (by Han first). For Screen Junkies’ newest honest trailer, they went big to be sure to get everyone’s attention. They launched a streaming service, ScreenJunkies Plus, today (official trailer), so to get maximum eyeballs on this week’s trailer, they turned their attention to Star Wars: Episode IV, which they refuse to call A New Hope.

I’ll admit I laughed more at their Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser from a couple of weeks ago, but this Star Wars honest trailer does raise some interesting points. How does Obi-Wan not remember the droid that saved his life multiple times? And where are all the human females in this galaxy? And were Hayden Christensen’s acting choices completely in keeping with the example set by this movie?

But score one in A New Hope‘s favor: There was no Jar Jar Binks. No matter what anybody says about this franchise, I will never not want to see him take one to the nuts.

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Via Screen Junkies

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