The Honest Trailer For ‘The Jungle Book’ Is Brutally Candid

Your average movie trailer gives you the opportunity to give a new film a thumbs-up, or thumbs-down, in just a few short minutes. A trailer is considered the film putting it’s best foot forward in an attempt to convince you it’s worth your hard-earned money. It’s like speed dating, only instead of cocktails with weirdos, it’s popcorn with the newest movie Nicholas Cage will eventually regret. Movie trailers are also like speed dating in that they put on their best outfit and use their best material right away because there’s no tomorrow. The entire story isn’t told, usually by design. Luckily, YouTube user Screen Junkies is back with another Honest Trailer to, well, keep everything honest.

This time around, Screen Junkies takes a truthful look at the film The Jungle Book. The movie — featuring voiceovers by Bill Murray, Scarlett Johannson, and Christopher Walken — is given a thorough once over, pointing out some of the ridiculousness that goes with a film that features talking tigers, bears, and snakes.

The Honest Trailer particularly mocks how absurd some of the film’s CGI scenes are, and how they went about filming them. The solid roast of this Jon Favreau produced project is going to have our kids wondering why we are cracking up at the weirdest times.