Honest Trailers Points Out All The Glaring Issues With The ‘Terminator 2’ Timeline

When you really sit and think about the number of films that attempt to tackle time travel, only a few stand out as pretty well done (looking at you Primer). Terminator is not one of those film series and the latest edition of Honest Trailers featuring Terminator 2: Judgment Day makes this extremely clear within the first few moments.

It also manages to point out some of the other issues with the film, none of which include it being bad ass from start to finish. They drove a semi truck through and off a bridge! There was a mini gun! Budnick!

But yeah, the timeline is in shambles and Terminator: Genisys isn’t going to do much to save that. But Arnold is back and James Cameron gave it the seal of approval. I’m not completely sold, but I am a bit more excited than I was for Terminator: Salvation. Where have you gone, Sam Worthington?

(Via Screen Junkies)