Honest Trailers Gets To The Bottom Of All The Thrilling Math And Science In ‘The Martian’

Ridley Scott’s The Martian was a bit of surprise at the box office. Not due to the money it made, but instead due to it actually being good. As you likely read back during its release, it’s the proper prequel to Alien that Prometheus likely wanted to be. That or it’s just the movie Prometheus wanted to be in general.

Honest Trailers doesn’t dive into that aspect too much, but it does focus a bit on Matt Damon’s constant need to be rescued in his films. It also points out that the film is essentially the audio book given some visuals. An amazing feat because it is still an entertaining film which Matt Damon carries from start to finish.

That said, he really does have a lot of help to survive on Mars. Tom Hanks might’ve been able to do it with the car alone and we know that Arnold Schwarzenegger can handle Mars. Matt Damon basically had his own little apartment on Mars and a crew of good looking scientists willing to turn around to fetch him. Why even attempt the movie, right?

(Via Screen Junkies)