Honor Blackman Says Daniel Craig Is The Best James Bond Of Them All

One of my favorite debates to watch unfold on the Internet is the classic “WHO IS THE BEST JAMES BOND?” argument. Even though each actor who has played the classic spy brings good qualities to the table, people get really, really upset about it. We’re talking irrationally and hilariously angry, and that’s obviously something that we love about Internet comments sections. According to the Mirror, former Bond girl Honor Blackman — who played Pussy Galore in 1964’s Goldfinger — strolled into the timeless debate with her “BEST BOND” endorsement.

Not only does she think Daniel Craig is better than Sean Connery, but the 89-year old thinks that the current Bond is the all-time greatest:

“I’m sorry to say he’s a better actor – but I think Sean would acknowledge that,” she says. “I think Dan is terrific. He’s capable of so much more.

“Sean was perfection as Bond only as Ian Fleming wrote it. He was a Mr Universe entrant, he was handsome and very, very sexy and had that ridiculous accent.

“Now it’s no longer like Ian Fleming, it’s more like The Bourne Identity. It’s a different kind of film.

“But that doesn’t make any difference to the fact they’re super films and Daniel is probably the best actor that ever played Bond.” (Via)

You’re probably itching to call this woman a fool or argue with some Internet strangers, but Blackman wasn’t done. She also doubled down on the hottest Bond topic of the day – SHOULD JAMES BOND BE BLACK?!?!

“I think he can be anything he likes,” she says.

“Why can’t he be a black man? You have to be a good actor and you’ve got to be a very ­attractive man – that’s half the battle – otherwise you can’t play Bond.” (Via)

With less than six months to go before her 90th birthday, Blackman is tossing lit matches at the Internet’s gasoline pools like a woman half her age. All that’s missing is her calling Quantum of Solace the best Bond movie of all-time. I’m pretty sure people would spontaneously combust over that. (Because we all know it’s GoldenEye.)

(Via the Mirror)