The ‘How To Train Your Dragon: 3’ Trailer Unveils A Hidden New World And A Dragon Mating Dance

Film/TV Editor

If you’re as neurotic as I am, then perhaps whispers of an impending How To Train Your Dragon 3 trailer provoked as much trepidation as excitement. The first two films spent an inordinate amount of time tearing Hiccup away from his beloved Toothless dragon and tossing the Night Fury into life-threatening peril. And it seemed almost guaranteed that the conclusion of the trilogy would find a way to separate the duo for good with dragons permanently seeking refuge from mankind. Since Toothless is practically fashioned as an adorable dog (who happens to breathe fire), the prospect was too much to stomach, but the trailer has arrived, and perhaps this shall be a feel-good movie after all?

As Dreamworks’ formal title, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, indicates, the discovery of a utopia of sorts (where dragons and humans can coexist in peace) stands central within the film. And in manner of his human counterpart, Toothless doesn’t quite know how to behave when he wishes to impress a lady dragon. This would be the elusive female Night Fury (the Light Fury, if you will), which was presumed not to exist because Toothless was supposed to be the last of his kind. Enter the dragon mating dance.

Must Toothless leave his human friend for love, or can they all coexist together? How To Train Your Dragon: 3 doesn’t arrive in theaters until March 1, 2019, so you’ve got time to prepare for the heart-wrenching finale, but perhaps that brief glimpse of the bearded Hiccup is enough of a hint for now.

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