Howard Stern Engaged Steve Carell In Some Delightful Michael Keaton Oscars Trash Talking

87th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon - Arrivals
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Steve Carell dialed into the Howard Stern Show today to discuss his upcoming Oscar nomination for Foxcatcher, which he apparently has 125-to-1 odds of winning. (Note: Variety last called 30-to-1 on January 15th, so I’m not sure where this updated info is coming from.) At any rate, Howard Stern claims to have not been all that impressed with Michael Keaton’s performance in Birdman; instead he’s championing the Academy voters to give Foxcatcher another shot.

Howard finally prods Steve Carell into a little bit of competitive trash talking, saying: “You are 50 times better than Keaton on any given day, when you match up those two performances,” to which Carell responds, “…But mostly as a human being.” OH IT’S SO ON. Red carpet boyfight!!!! Ten bucks says Giuliana Rancic gets caught in the ensuing melee and then Ryan Seacrest tries to break it up and gets decked in the face. Best Oscars ever.

(In all seriousness, Steve Carell is still basically the nicest person ever. And we all know Bradley Cooper is probably gonna get it for American Sniper, anyway.)

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