Watch Hugh Jackman Bring Back The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge For 2015

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The always eager Hugh Jackman is here to remind us all that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was not a one-off happening. The movement, which seemed pretty silly but ended up funding an ALS research breakthrough, reached fantastic viral heights only a year ago. Celebrities, civilians, animals, and Miley Cyrus all got into the groove.

Haters didn’t enjoy the trend, but haters don’t enjoy anything. Now Jackman is here to remind the internet that the fight is not over. Mr. Wolverine will single-handedly resurrect the challenge and continue funding research for the debilitating disease. In fact, he’ll do so right now, starting with this tweet of himself sitting in a bathtub:

Aww, how can anyone hate on the Jackman? He put his tuxedo where his mouth is, and perhaps we shall soon see a new rush of celebrity ALS challenge videos. Jackman remains one of the nicest guys in the business and can only inspire his fellow actors. Besides, the idea of Wolverine in a tub is amusing as well.

In very tangentially related news, Jackman is now the subject of James Bond casting rumors, which means we’ve come full circle from bloke Tom Hardy. In other words, everyone in the world is up for the James Bond role.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)