Hugh Jackman Saves Two Kids From A Ferocious Rip Tide Like A Real Life Wolverine

Hugh Jackman might be just about done playing Wolverine on screen, but he’s not done being a superhero in real life situations, apparently. The Les Miserables and X-Men star was swimming in New South Wales, Australia, when a ferocious rip tide kicked up in the ocean and threatened to pull some unaware swimmers out to sea. Jackman, there with his son, leaped into action to save the day just like an actual superhero. The actor help a young girl’s father save her from being pulled under, before going back to save his own son, Oscar, as well. Video footage from an Australian news network shows his heroics in action.

Looks like all of those hours in the gym paid off, even if he’s not doing any more films as the ripped mutant he’s known for. Most telling in the video is that Jackman starts helping with the safety efforts before the lifeguards and other assistance can even get to the water. They jumped into action to go warn people away from the heavy currents and do some saving of their own, but let this be a lesson that even with all the lifeguards in the world, sometimes it’s necessary to have a Wolverine on standby.

(via Mashable)