Hugh Jackman’s Wife Will Be Very Happy That He Shaved Off His Wolverine Chops

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My wife is going to be very happy. #GoodbyeChops #thedebs

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Hugh Jackman is a 47-year-old international movie star best known for playing the role of Wolverine in over half a dozen films spanning a time frame of over 16 years, but it doesn’t matter. Nope, even though he’s ridiculously famous, super-strong, and awesome at random trivia, he’s just a normal guy and his wife is in charge.

Jackman proved this by sharing an Instagram video of himself shaving off the iconic Wolverine mutton chops alongside a caption that read “My wife is going to be very happy. #GoodbyeChops.” The X-men actor can live life mutton-free now that he’s officially wrapped up filming of the third installment of the Wolverine franchise. Jackson recently said this would be his last Wolverine film — so unless he misses the muttons — those babies are gone forever.

Not much is known about the newest yet-to-be-titled Wolverine film, other than the fact that it’s being directed by James Mangold, Patrick Stewart is returning to play the role of Professor X, and it’s slated to hit theaters March 3, 2017. The rumor is that it’s based at least partly on the “Old Man Logan” storyline.

In the end, the most valuable lesson here is whatever way our wives like our faces is more than likely how our faces will go. Superhero powers or not.