The Writer Of ‘Idiocracy’ Thinks The Satire Has Become A Reality

When Idiocracy was released in 2006, the United States of America it portrayed in 2505 was selfish, anti-intellectual and worshipping at the church of commercialism and marketing. A decade later, Mike Judge’s cult-classic is proving to be prophetic with the impressive rise of a certain billionaire mogul with oddly-coifed hair. Now, co-writer Etan Cohen is looking at the American horizon and publicly stating that his satire has somehow morphed into a documentary.

And if you don’t think it’s true, there’s a bit of proof out there. Cohen spoke to The Hill, and like anyone who makes a Nostradamus-like prediction, feels good about what he’s written, but also harbors guilt and sadness over the direction he believes the nation is heading:

“People will email and post stuff on my Twitter that’s like, ‘Hey, you predicted it right!’ So that’s always nice. But it’s not always nice because you want the world to become a better place.”

And when it came to Trump, President Camacho agreed with his Idiocracy brethren:

But there is hope. We can look at this entertainment-turned-warning and learn something. We can rise up to become a better people. No one wants to live the life the humans are living in Idiocracy, right?

(Via The Hill)

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