Idris Elba Reveals He Auditioned For Disney’s Live-Action ‘Beauty And the Beast’

The Mountain Between Us star Idris Elba isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. When he got word Disney was preparing a live action update of Beauty and the Beast, Elba followed his musical loving heart.

Chatting with People, Elba revealed he auditioned for the role of the lovable narcissist Gaston in the film.

“I honestly love musicals. I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast. I really did, for Gaston,” he explained. “I called and said, ‘Listen, I want in!’ So somewhere they have a tape of me singing.”

If you made “Idris Elba Sings the Disney Songbook” available on Tidal, subscriptions would triple in about 72 hours. Sadly for Elba, Luke Evans would ultimately land the role of Gaston and leave us wondering what might have been. Disney is probably less likely to overanalyze the move. Beauty and the Beast has made the entertainment giant an obscene amount of money at the worldwide box office. Does Elba have any hard feelings towards Evans for getting the gig?

“No, only a little bit,” joked Elba. “No! I love you Luke, you know that.”

Here’s hoping Elba finds a place in the next wave of Disney’s live action offerings. Speaking of Idris Elba singing, let’s revisit the dude taking on Google Translate Songs on The Tonight Show.

(Via People)