Idris Elba Is On One Hell Of A Badass Rampage In The Trailer For ‘Bastille Day’

02.16.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

Saddle up, Idris Elba fans. Your man has a new movie coming out and from the looks of the new trailer, he’s kicking some serious ass.

Enter the trailer for Bastille Day, in which Elba does a great audition to be the next James Bond as a CIA spook who teams up with a pickpocket to thwart a vast criminal conspiracy in Paris. Games of Thrones‘ Richard Madden plays the pickpocket, and he and Elba display an easy, if edgy, chemistry as unlikely partners fighting for their lives.

The trailer shows Elba completely in his element as an action star. He chases Madden across rooftops, kicks in some doors and displays a predictably intense and intimidating skill for fighting. Most recently seen in Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation delivering a performance that inspired some Oscar talk, Elba is light on his feet and funny while also coming off deadly serious both in his dealings with Madden and the bad guys.

Bastille Day is scheduled for release on April 22 in the UK and July 13 — perhaps not coincidentally the day before Bastille Day — in France. It took some time to determine exactly when the best time for a French release would be in lieu of the November terrorist attacks in Paris as per Deadline.

A U.S. release date has yet for Bastille Day has yet to be announced.

(via Deadline)

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