Idris Elba Had A Very Real Kickboxing Match In London And We Have The Footage

Getty Image

Will Idris Elba end up as the next James Bond? It’s a question many continue to ask as studios ponder whether to switch up actors again for the famous British secret agent. Whatever the case, Elba doesn’t seem to be holding his breath. Instead, the Pacific Rim and Thor star is sharpening up his fighting skills in the ring. On Friday night, he participated in his first professional kickboxing fight, and looked pretty good while doing it.

Let’s not get crazy with the praise – he’s no Gaston Bolanos. But for a 44 year old starting out, Idris had some pretty solid moves already worked out. This is one of the advantages of kicking off your fight career in relative secrecy — you don’t give anyone the time to build up any unrealistic expectations. Take note, CM Punk!

The kickboxing fight is all part of a new Discovery Channel show called Idris Elba: Fighter which will see Elba travel around the world training in Muay Thai and kickboxing. UK viewers can expect something similar to Alex Reid: The Fight Of His Life, but with 100% less Alex Reid, which sounds all right to us. There’s no date set for the premiere of Elba’s new show, but we’ll keep you informed if he pops up in a ring anywhere else.