A Parody Imagines What Would Happen If Star Wars Took Place Today

Filmmaker Ryan Higa of previous parodies like Space Jam 3 is back with a send up of the Star Wars universe. The conceit is simple: “Star Wars is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away… but what would it look like NOW, in a galaxy close, close by?”

The parody references the original series in some subtle ways — not just one, but two Wilhelm screams — and pokes fun at new developments like changes to the AT-ATs (deal with it) and the new PC terms for dark side / light side (you can’t just call bad people “dark side,” jeez dude).

They also get a timely dig in about how the original trilogy was heavily influenced by Asian culture yet had no Asian lead characters.

“That’s impossible. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“What? The force?”

“No. An Asian lead character.”

And it wouldn’t be a post-Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody without making fun of Kylo Ren’s crossbar lightsaber, although they went above and beyond with their special effects:

Higa says you can watch a behind the scenes video (so many paint fumes) and blooper reel in this YouTube video. He adds that the part about their Kickstarter page is just a joke. Wait, you mean we aren’t going to kick start Star Wars 69? Not nice.

(Via Laughing Squid)