‘Inception’ And ‘Inside Out’ Were Meant To Be Mashed Together Into One Film

Inception mashup trailers have become an Internet art form of sorts, really. All you need to do is take footage from any other film, recut it to vaguely resemble Christopher Nolan’s 2012 thriller, and make use of the soundtrack made famous by the film’s trailer — Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist.” You know, the orchestrated tune with the loud BWAMS strewn throughout it.

Enter Nelson Carvajal, who took this exact tactic and applied it to footage from Pixar’s Inside Out, which is basically the same film, but for kids and stuff. Pixar-style animation plus Hemsey’s BWAMS equals Nolan’s movie, but without the annoying cliffhanger at the end.

Now, when is somebody going to put their editing skills to the test with the Inception/Magic Mike XXL mashup, tentatively titled Inception XXL? You know you want Channing Tatum to get inside you(r mind).

(Nelson Carvajal via A.V. Club)