‘Independence Day: Return Of The ’90s’ Brings Back Every Awful ’90s Toy Ever

The ’90s was the best decade for toy-makers and one of the worst for parents. Terribly expensive toy after terribly expensive toy arrived on store shelves in waves of hype, and millions of Furbies and Tickle-Me-Elmos were bought — only to be discarded in yard sales a few years later. The time of the Furbys and Barney has mercifully passed, but what if they decided to come back?

That’s the straight-faced premise of Dane Boe’s mashup of ’90s nostalgia and Independence Day: Resurgence, which is pretty good — especially for how he works the effects in. You will believe a bunch of Teletubbies with shotguns are threatening the President of the United States, and that Bill Pullman is facing down a serial-killer-esque Barney. Then again, Barney threatening people with sharp objects isn’t much of a jump — he’s technically a vicious predator, after all.

Still, we have to wonder why ’80s toys aren’t coming back to strike, as well. They’d be even more desperate for a foothold, after all. Sure, He-Man and My Little Pony are still remembered fondly, but the Silverhawks and Dino Riders are struggling. Perhaps in the Great War of the Toys, the human race will be the ultimate playthings.

(via Kotaku)