Welcome To Earth, New ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ TV Spot And Featurettes

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It’s been two decades since Independence Day hit theaters with a certain alien punching, cigar chomping badass in tow and it’s with a heavy heart we must note that Earth continues to be terrible at intergalactic diplomacy. Independence Day: Resurgence is earmarked for a summer return and so too is the threat of extraterrestrials turning everybody we love (including Jeff Goldblum!) into a smoking pile of ash. THOSE D*CKS!

A new TV spot has arrived showcasing an impressive stockpile of special effects might and a cast mixed with returning favorites, a few newcomers and a gentle reminder that Will Smith isn’t going to be starring in this blockbuster donnybrook. No pressure, new guys Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher.

There’s also a new batch of featurettes, albeit ones that are a bit less “Yvan Eht Nioj” than some of its predecessors. We’ve been treated to a trio of recent clips that go in a few different directions.

“Manning The Space Tug” (a thing that sounds sexual but isn’t) features an interview with affable hunk Hemsworth as he explains his character’s gig and there’s a cheery succession of quips woven into the whole thing. “On Location: Utah Salt Flats” serves up sights of space-kissed combat with behind-the-scenes insight. If you’re looking for a profile of who’s helming the second Independence Day movie, “About the Director: Roland Emmerich” should tick the necessary boxes. Well, aside from the “why didn’t you let someone else direct Stonewall?” box.

Independence Day: Resurgence and its wave of CGI destruction will appear in a multiplex near you on June 24.

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