Sorry, Chris Pratt: ‘Indiana Jones’ Isn’t Getting Recast

Ever since it was announced that Indiana Jones would crack the whip once again, fan speculation reached a fever pitch, wondering who would don the legendary fedora after Harrison Ford was done with the role. Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, and (most seriously) Chris Pratt were all speculated to be successors at one point or another, but no one seemed like quite the right fit. No one seemed to nail the line between professor and adventurer quite like Ford did.

Well, apparently the team behind the film felt the same way, because producer Frank Marshall cleared up all the rumors in an interview with Total Film:

“There are a lot of rumours,” he told Total Film. “We haven’t even sat down to talk about Indy yet… at some point we’ll sit down. But there’s a bunch of people who could probably take the baton. … We’re not doing the Bond thing where we’re going to call somebody else Indiana Jones … we have to figure this out.”

Honestly, this is probably the safest route. Sure, fans were greatly discouraged by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but a total reboot or the Bond-ing of Indy feels wrong somehow. Aside from clearing this issue up, Marshall doesn’t have many details to offer beyond “we’re working on it.”

When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.”

If the furor over Star Wars: The Force Awakens tells us anything, it’s that fans are willing to overlook past missteps and welcome their heroes back with open arms. So, whenever, however Indy returns to us, we’ll be ready.

(Via Comic Book Resource)