Where Will The Infinity Stones Turn Up In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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09.30.15 17 Comments

Kevin Feige has confirmed that the remaining two Infinity Stones are turning up in Phase III, before Avengers: Infinity War has our heroes go up against Thanos. But when will we see them… and what role will they play?

We know which two stones are missing: Time and Soul. We also know what movies we’ll see between now and Infinity War drops: Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, the Spider-Man relaunch, and Thor: Ragnarok. Really, though, it’s hard to see either gem playing much of a role with Spidey or Cap’s antics, so that leaves us with three movies. Similarly, it seems unlikely James Gunn will want to use the same MacGuffin twice, so that leaves us with Doctor Strange and Thor.

Keeping in mind that the series likes to turn the gems into artifacts/plot devices, it feels like the speculation that the Soul gem is the Eye of Agamotto. For non-nerds, that’s a brooch Doctor Strange wears. It has mystical powers, not the least of which is the ability to make people take a man wearing a brooch seriously.

That would leave Thor with the Time gem. How those will line up? Good question. But considering it’s the last movie before the big ol’ Thanos fight, and it’s called Ragnarok… we’re going to assume it doesn’t end well. What do you think?

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