‘Inside Out: Outside Edition’ Takes Out The Feelings While Leaving In All The Feels

The people at Pixar are master storytellers. Through years of development and refinement, their stories hold emotional weight and age like fine wines. Their latest tearjerker was the story of a young girl named Riley and her dealing with growing up and moving to a new city. Showing two stories about the same person, Pixar literally created a narrative about her feelings on the inside, while she and these feelings dealt with the drama around her on the outside.

Proving that you can chop up a Pixar movie, reduce its run-time by 90% and still have emotional resonance that rivals any art that’s ever been on a movie screen, editor Jordan Hanzon decided to remove all of the “inside” portions of Inside Out. What’s left is fifteen minutes of melancholy turning to funny, to just plain weird at times. Kind of like real life.

Whether there’s anything to be taken from this supercut of Inside Out is up to you, the viewer. In my opinion, the jankiness of the newfangled story with the emotions removed and the haphazard tale of life as shown through the eyes of a young woman is just as hard-hitting as a feature-length movie showing anthropomorphic feelings inside of a girl’s mind. You’ll probably still cry, even without Bing Bong.

(Via Dorkly)