‘The Iron Giant’ Is Being Remastered And Expanded, And Will Return To Theaters This Fall

Are you into somewhat better versions of things you love? Eager to revisit the greatest role of Vin Diesel’s career? Well, you’re in luck, because Brad Bird’s animated classic The Iron Giant is being “remastered and enhanced” for a limited theatrical release.

It isn’t entirely clear what this remastering will entail, although we know Brad Bird is involved and this new version of The Iron Giant will be around 10 minutes longer, thanks to the addition of two fairly significant new scenes. No word on whether these will be newly animated scenes, or simply material removed from the original cut of the movie. I’d suspect the latter.

This new director’s cut of The Iron Giant will have a very limited theatrical run starting September 30, then will be released on Blu-ray as The Iron Giant: Signature Edition. You’ll probably want to pick that up.

You’ll be able to find information on where screenings are being held right here.

via First Showing