Will Jared Leto’s Joker Be More Heath Ledger Or Jack Nicholson?

Is Suicide Squad out yet? I feel like the first trailer came out eons ago, but alas, we still have almost a year until the movie is finally released. During said eons, one of the biggest topics of conversation (besides how to dress up like Harley Quinn and other Quinn-related matters) is Jared Leto‘s performance as The Joker. Looking at Leto’s American Psycho and Fight Club-filled IMDb credits, it’s clear that he’s going to do the role justice. Recently, he’s even said he’ll make the previous Jokers proud, namely Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. But with those big shoes to fill, which Joker portrayal will Leto’s more resemble: The darkly unhinged one in The Dark Knight or the comic book unhinged one in Batman? Or will his characterization be on its own level?

Based on the publicity and live rat gifts he has given his co-stars, Leto has been going all-out in his method acting. He’s also nailed the Joker voice and laugh, which sound a a lot like the one heard in The Dark Knight. So there’s a few points toward a Ledger-like representation. However, his dope suits and cleaner make-up look a lot more like Nicholson. The evidence supports a character closer to Ledger’s, but it feels like it’ll be a combination of both with his own Leto-spin. Unless he pulls a comically large pistol to score a critical hit on a Batwing. Then we’ll know for sure. Let’s just hope he throws in some Mark Hamill as well.

Who’s your favorite Joker?