Is Tyrese Gibson Hinting That He’s Joining ‘Justice League’ As Green Lantern?

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Getty Image / DC Comics

Tyrese is making a lot of noise around the Internet with an image he posted to Instagram. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with celebrity scandal or hacking. Instead it’s something that probably has geeky hearts fluttering a little faster:

For those who can’t tell, it would seem that Gibson is hinting that he might be playing the next Green Lantern on the big screen. With Ryan Reynolds off at Fox and Warner going in a new direction following Man Of Steel, it would make sense to bring in a new Green Lantern. But don’t be so sure it’s Tyrese:

The most likely culprit — or at least the one most likely to be cited? The old “my social media manager thought it would be cool, and I didn’t realize it would go viral.” We’ve heard that from Robert Downey, Jr. a couple of times.

Whatever the case, Gibson’s image is making the rounds, having been shared about 23,000 times in the hours since it was posted.

Green Lantern is expected in theaters in 2020, though most rumors suggest that the new Green Lantern will be introduced in the third act of Justice League Part One in 2017. The character is, thus far, the only member of the Justice League without a casting announcement attached. (via)

If Gibson does end up becoming Green Lantern, he’d most likely be playing John Stewart. Stewart is a former Marine that is chosen as a stand-by for Hal Jordan’s version of the Lantern, but that could all change in the new movie universe. You’d also have to suspect that they might go ahead and give Hal Jordan a different race or at least try it. It might be controversial to remove an already established character like Stewart just to change another, but it is something we’ve seen elsewhere like the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this turns out to be true. At least we have the celebrity themselves spreading the rumor instead of some unnamed studio source.

(Via Comic Book / Tyrese)