This Clown-Fearing Guy Found The Worst Surprise At His ‘IT’ Screening

Andy Muschietti’s IT broke numerous box office records over the weekend, including Largest Opening For a Film Debuting In September, Largest Opening For a Horror Movie, and Largest Number of Clowns Freaking Out Non-Clowns. That’s true of both the movie, where Pennywise and his room of evil-looking clown dolls terrorize Richie and the rest of the Losers Club, and real life.

Take the actual nightmare that happened to Twitter user @HG_Hohbes, for instance. “Went to see IT,” he tweeted. “I’m first in the screen and this f*cking guy’s just sitting there.” If you suffer from coulrophobia or can’t sleep because you’re afraid clowns will eat you, you may not want to scroll down.

That’s the most upsetting thing I’ve ever seen in a movie theater, and I paid money to watch The Book of Henry. Is @HG_Hohbes still with us, or was he murdered by his worst fear (being strangled to death by a clown in an otherwise empty room)? He’s alive, and even made friends with the pale-faced clown. “Had a chat to him, he’s actually alright,” he wrote, proving that not all clowns are evil. Only most of them. Clowns also invaded Alamo Drafthouse theaters around the country over the weekend, although they were invited to. Following the man-baby brouhaha of the all-female Wonder Woman screenings, the Drafthouse held “Clown Parties,” where attendees were invited to dress up like a clown to watch IT. And boy did they.


(Via Birth.Movies.Death.)