This Bloody ‘It’ Deleted Scene Furthers One Character’s Descent Into Madness

Despite clocking in at over two hours, It, one of the best horror movies in a strong year for the genre overall, left a lot on the cutting room floor. There’s the never-seen Denbrough family vacation, Stanley struggling at his bar mitzvah, and oh yeah, possibly Pennywise snacking on a baby. Hey, if mother! can crowdsurf a baby, why can’t an evil clown eat a toddler? Movies today, man.

Anyway, the Blu-ray release for It also includes cut footage involving Henry Bowers, easily the second-best bully in an ’80s-set drama released in 2017. (My dude Billy from Stranger Things is number one.) The scene takes place after Henry slits his father’s throat, egged on by a television host show who demands, “Kill him!” Now covered in his dad’s blood, Henry watches the Losers’ Club in a car with his fellow malcontent buddies, Victor “Vic” Criss and Reginald “Belch” Huggins. Except oops, they’re dead; they also had their throats sliced open by their supposed friend. R.I.P. those bullies ???-1989. They missed out on so much, like, um, The Godfather Part III. Hm, maybe they’re the lucky ones.

Here are some other deleted scenes from the Blu-ray.

“Georgie Catches Boat (Opening Gag Scene)”: When Georgie grabs for the boat in the opening…he gets it and walks away, saying “See you later!” to a frustrated Pennywise. Gotta admit, I laughed.

“Bill’s Dad looks in the basement, et all”: After Bill has his encounter with Pennywise in the basement, he runs into his father. His Dad has a look in the basement, doesn’t find anything, and tells Bill to go to bed. Meanwhile, Henry tries to sneak out past his Dad, and gets into a car with Victor and Belch. They see Mike ride past on his bike.

“Outside the Neibolt house”: Mike, Beverly, Ben and Stanley are outside the house while Bill, Eddie and Richie are inside. Stanley talks about not being able to go inside while Mike comforts him. Ben places his hand on Beverly’s shoulder.

“The Losers find Georgie’s walkie”: Bill picks up Georgie’s walkie before Henry attacks Mike at the top of the well. (Via)

(Via Bloody Disgusting)