Pennywise Dancing In ‘IT’ Is Now A Meme Because Everything Fits (And Floats)

He can dance if he wants to. He can leave your friends behind. On second thought, “Safety Dance” isn’t the best reference to make about the decidedly unsafe Pennywise from It. Nonetheless, this cat can dance. Just look at that scene above where Bill Skarsgård gives us the ol’ razzle dazzle. No wonder this creepy, funny, horrifying movie is breaking records and inspiring memes like Pennydook and now Pennywise Dance, in which Twitter sets out to prove Pennywise’s dancing can work with any music.

Even Stephen King inspired a mashup of “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega.

Does it work?

Yes it does.

Just as it was when Oscar Isaac’s dancing in Ex Machina became a meme, Pennywise’s dancing also fits so many songs. There are some notable omissions, however. No “Float On” by Modest Mouse? Way to burst our balloon. But we suppose Pennywise Dance is just getting started, and what a start it has been. Check out all these songs Pennywise can perfectly cut a rug to. So many options. We all dance down here.

Good luck getting some of these songs out of your head now.

And memes like this would never be complete without some Vengaboys:

Haters gonna hate, but he keeps dancing.

Man. This clown sure loves dancing. Can you feel the love?

(Via @Pennywise_Dance)