It Only Took 97 Years, But Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Has Made The Name Elsa Popular Again

07.06.15 4 years ago

It’s taken nearly a century but the name Elsa is popular once again. Thanks to the phenomenon that is Disney’s Frozen, THR reports that a total of 1,131 baby girls were named after the animated Queen last year. The last time Elsa was a trending name in the United States was way back in 1917.

Not only did the name crack the Top 500 baby names list in 2014, it is now almost smack-dab in the middle as it was the 286th most common nom de plume attributed to the newborn females of the land. While Elsa has definitely seen a huge surge in popularity, Anna — the name of her animated sister — has not received any sort of uptick, maintaining it’s popular ranking on the list at No. 34.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times)

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