The Second Half Of ‘IT’ Gets An Official Release Date As Production Moves Forward

After single-handily (like a demon clown jiggling a disembodied arm) floating a weak summer box office like it was attached to a collection of red balloons, the inevitable has happened — New Line Cinema is officially moving forward on the second-half of IT. With that news comes the official release date for the continuation of the story of the terrorized denizens of Derry, Maine. The kids from the first movie will be all grown up and ready to rid their sewers of Pennywise the Clown on September 9th, 2019.

That doesn’t mean the young versions of Richie, Bill, Beverly and the rest won’t be in the sequel. Various reports have stated that most, if not all of the cast from the first film will show up in some flashbacks in the next movie.

Now that we have that comforting news out of the way, we have ample time to prepare for the next round of promotional stunts involving real-life scary clowns that will naturally be trying to one-up the strange happenings around the release of the first movie. Where will they go from here? Two red balloons tied to sewer grates? Clowns wandering the streets? Clowns looking for jobs entertaining children? What?!

(Via Collider)

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