New ‘IT’ Footage Aired During The MTV Awards And It Is Extra Creepy

The first official trailer for the IT adaptation gave everyone watching it chills, as the unsettling clown Pennywise is bound to do no matter whether it is being imagined from words on a page or seen in a miniseries or film adaptation. Hearing “we all float down here, you’ll float too” is enough to give even the most ardent horror fans problems sleeping for a few days. Add to that Pennywise peering up from a gutter and it’s officially insomnia city.

With the latest footage of the Stephen King adaptation, those creepy vibes are once again president as the kids of Derry fight against something they don’t even know how to handle. The first half of a planned two-part adaptation isn’t due for a few more months yet, but with every teaser the foreboding feeling of watching an unearthly assailant reaping havoc on a small Maine town only grows.

For people who haven’t read the original book and don’t know how this ends for all involved, the trailers might be even scarier since the outcome is completely open-ended and there seems to be no happy ending possible for this young group of friends. The internet seems sufficiently creeped out, and since this is the reaction after only a few trailers have been released the full movie will probably cause full fits of insomnia up and down both coasts.