J.J. Abrams Broke His Back On The Set Of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trying To Help Harrison Ford

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Filmmaking can be risky. There’s incredibly hot spotlights that can burn your skin off, heavy camera cranes that can crush you with a single blow, and then there’s Harrison Ford. Making movies with Harrison Ford is dangerous.

J.J. Abrams had to learn that last lesson the hard way. Last year, we told you about an incident that occurred on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which resulted in Harrison Ford injuring his ankle. Abrams visited The Daily Show last night and elaborated on the incident. On the set, a heavy door fell on Ford and twisted Han Solo’s ankle, but the actor wasn’t the only one hurt. Abrams attempted to lift the door off a fallen Ford, and instead ended up literally breaking his back.

Abrams and Ford have since healed from the heavy door beatdown, but the psychological scars remain. Between this and Ford’s plane incident, it’s probably safe to say that Ford is an iron man who simply cannot be broken. Also, you should probably stand 20 feet away from Ford at all times.