J.J. Abrams Leaks Another Subtle Hint About ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

J.J. Abrams had an opinion on the Apple Watch, like everyone else. But, unlike everybody else, J.J. Abrams loves misdirection and trolling people, so he hid a pretty big hint about Star Wars: Episode VII in a tweet.

It’s subtle, naturally:

Still not seeing it? Look in the background? Look familiar at all? It should:

What’s interesting about this particular hint is that… hold on, let me do a hit off my inhaler and push up my glasses… OK, what’s interesting is that we don’t see this particular pattern outside of the Death Star. Granted, we don’t spend a lot of time in Imperial facilities in the movies; it’s mostly the interiors of the Death Star or Star Destroyers.

The picture would seem to indicate that there’s some sort of Imperial facility the main bad guys, supposedly the Inquisitors, are hanging out in, or possibly there’s even a flashback sequence to the first or second time a bunch of hicks in the space equivalent of crop dusters and a Chevy Nova blew the ever-loving hell out of a massive military project. Either way, it’s intriguing, and we’ll be curious to see what else Abrams has up his sleeve.