Jack The Monkey From ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Bit A Woman’s Ear

In the latest sign that the universe is telling Johnny Depp to just stop, a makeup artist was attacked by one of the capuchin monkeys who plays Captain Barbossa’s pet in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series on an Australian sound set. This comes after Dead Men Tell No Tales was delayed for years, and Disney openly questioned whether Depp was still popular enough to headline a franchise, and it went over budget, and Depp injured his hand, and the Australian government tried to kill his dogs. Also, the screenplay was written by the same guy who gave us Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Tower Heist. Uh oh.

As for Jack the Monkey:

“The monkey had come up from behind the lady and bit her on her right ear,” [Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman Steven] Burns said. “They lady wasn’t, we believe, making an attempt to approach the monkey, she was sitting down and it came up to the woman and bit her on the ear. Her bleeding was controlled.

“Fortunately it was not [a serious injury] and we were able to manage it quite well. We believe the monkey was part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film set. But at the time when the monkey bit the lady, it was [on] a different movie set, it was at the Movie World sound stage for a different filming set. It’s not related to Pirates of the Caribbean.” (Via)

Johnny Depp has recently played a lizard, wolf, and mustache-monster. Could a monkey who bites defenseless women be in his future? (Yes.)

(Via ABC Net)