The Prestigious Museum Of The Moving Image Will Celebrate Cinema History With A One-Night-Only ‘Jackass’ Marathon, Finally

The Museum of the Moving Image — a New York City organization whose “mission is to advance the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media” — will be hosting what is undoubtedly its most important event ever this week: A marathon of the first three Jackass movies ahead of the premiere of the sure-to-be cinematic tour de force, Jackass Forever. In fact, surprise, attendees will also get to see that movie, too, along with a Q&A with Johnny Knoxville.

Here’s the official announcement:

Hi, we’re MoMI and welcome to JACKASS!

This THURS (2/3), join us for a special marathon of the first 3 jackass films, followed by a preview screening of jackass forever and a Q&A with Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, and Spike Jonze.

Below is a link to the original tweet from the Museum of the Moving Image along with a link to sign up for the event on Thursday, February 3:

While Eric André is a new addition to the cast, Knoxville recently revealed that an Oscar-winning actor angled hard to get a role in the fourth movie. That actor? Bruce Dern. Unfortunately, Dern is 85-years-old, so it probably wouldn’t have been the safest idea to include him in the new film, which left Knoxville with brain damage. He’s now sworn off stunts after his family was not a fan of this latest injury to the ol’ noggin, which is fair. But at least our most prestigious institutions are recognizing his sacrifice.

Jackass Forever hits theaters on February 4.

(Via Museum of the Moving Image on Twitter)