Jackie Earle Haley’s Back In Demand With A Role On ‘The Tick’ And A Certain Stephen King Adaptation

Welcome to the third Jackie Earle Haley boom period. The Academy Award nominated actor has found himself in high demand at assorted points in his career (see: the bulk of the ’70s, the mid ’00s-early ’10s), and now we’re in another swing of Jackie Earle Haley mania. Make a note of it!

Deadline reports that Haley is a go to play The Terror for the latest TV reboot of The Tick. The gig means Haley will play a villain that will need to be thwarted by Peter Serafinowicz’s incarnation of the lovable blue galoot. The Amazon series will be the second comics-based television gig on the Watchmen alum’s plate, with the 55-year-old actor also taking on the role of Odin Quincannon in the upcoming Preacher series airing on AMC.

Elsewhere in Jackie Earle Haley casting news, Deadline also notes that negotiations are under way for a spot in The Dark Tower. The much drooled over Stephen King adaptation would have Haley playing the part of Richard Patrick Sayre. As is customary with a good chunk of Haley’s characters, you can probably guess he’s channeling a sinister dude. There aren’t that many “zany dad” roles heading the man’s way, but we’d be into it if it happened.

The Dark Tower is currently set to hit theatres on Feb. 17, 2017 with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey to boast about in the cast. Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel is handling directing duties, so send all your panicked suggestions on how to make the movie work to him.

(Via Deadline)