Don’t Tell Will Smith, But Jaden Smith’s Favorite Movie Is ‘Age Of Adaline’

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Parents just don’t understand. What would Will Smith say if he found out his son‘s favorite movie wasn’t of his many career blockbusters, but a Blake Lively movie about an immortal woman who can’t find love? That’s right, noted teen prophet Jaden Smith’s self-professed favorite movie is Age of Adaline, Lively’s recent return to the screen after she took time away to start a family. The movie did well at the box office and had decent reviews from critics, but still wouldn’t be our first guess when it comes to a teenage boy’s film preferences. Plus, tweeting something about his dad’s movies would be such an easy way to suck up to his parents! Next time he needed to borrow the car or get out of a punishment, he could easily point to a tweet where he applauded Independence Day, Men in Black, or Focus. Well, maybe not Focus.

There is even more to consider here, though. Why exactly is Age of Adaline his favorite movie? He also cites Twilight as another favorite. So, is it the female leads? The supernatural tilts to both stories? The thought of battling for the one you love through every long odd and twist in the road? He’s a teenage boy, so if we’re being honest, it’s almost certainly the female leads. Don’t worry, Jaden, we love Blake and K-Stew, too. We won’t break the news to your parents that you snubbed their films if you’ll join us for the next Blake Lively joint. Popcorn’s on us.

(Via Huffington Post)