Jared Leto Wasn’t The Only ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Member Causing Trouble On Set

It turns out Jared Leto wasn’t the only one constantly terrorizing the cast of Suicide Squad on set! Although thankfully he wasn’t going about it with weird presents and live rats like his costar did, which is good because Viola Davis and Margot Robbie really needed to focus all their energies on death glaring Leto during his “method acting” antics. No, Courtney did something semi-annoying but still on the right side of “fun” set craziness rather than veering into pure madness.

The actor revealed on Conan that he “gets a lot of things done naked,” which apparently includes chasing the directors of his movies around when they try to come to his trailer for a set visit. Yes, Jai went buck naked through set for no real reason other than it probably gets pretty slow during breaks on some days and people will do anything to break up the monotony. Add to your mental picture Jay Hernandez (the film’s Diablo) yelling “Sic ’em boy!” and the event really turns into quite as masterpiece of shenanigans.

Watch the video above to turn that mental picture into a crystal clear image of Jai Courtney’s naked body…if you dare. Some things that happened on the Suicide Squad might be better staying on the Suicide Squad set at this point. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of an overshare?