The New James Bond Movie Destroyed Roughly $34 Million In Cars During Production

Earlier this year, we reported on the large amount of cars destroyed during the making of Furious 7. That carnage resulted in about 230 autos sent to their graves. The concept of wrecking cars in a movie is nothing new, and when James Bond 24 hits theaters next month, we are sure to get our fair share once again. According to a report by the Daily Mail, James Bond crashed a bunch of vehicles on SPECTRE but this time around, we’re not counting the cars, but instead the monetary amount of damage tallied up by the new movie.

Bond movies are known for their flashy nature and cutting edge action, and this one will surely be no exception as the budget on the movie allegedly hit $303-million to produce. This number alone makes SPECTRE the most expensive James Bond movie ever made. Contributing to that large number is the roughly $34-million worth of cars destroyed during production. Included in this crazy number are seven of the ten specially created Aston Martin DB10s which were ultimately turned into scrap metal

According to chief stunt coordinator Gary Powell, one of the more costly chase sequences took place in Rome where they “wrecked millions of pounds worth.” The scene found the drivers topping speeds of 110 mph, leading to an entire night’s shoot for just four seconds of film. Another scene that comes to mind is the one which takes place in the Alps where Bond flies a plane right into a bad guy’s modified Land Rover Defender, transforming the box of metal into a giant non-CGI fireball.

If anyone can destroy cars in a beautifully magnificent way, it’s Agent 007. Let’s all try and keep count when SPECTRE hits theaters on November 6th.

(Via Daily Mail and Mashable)