Watch Every Single James Bond Kill In This Epically Deadly Supercut

James Bond embodies many descriptors: British Secret Service Agent, suave lady killer, and classy drinker. Above all, he holds a license to kill, and he’s exercised (some may say “abused”) that license throughout his many incarnations. As the franchise fast approaches its 24th installment, SPECTRE, it’s a good time to recap the films’ stylish violence. The fine folks at Auralnauts stepped up to the challenge with a massive supercut of all the death wrought by Bond.

How many times has Bond killed in the line of duty? Many sources list different kill counts, but this supercut (which claims to be comprehensive) contains 362 kills by the hand (and gun) of Bond. Some deaths are brutal while others are laced with dark humor. Fire, mayhem, and martial arts await various villains and henchmen, and the video runs for an astounding 38 minutes. The most stunning aspect — other than Bond’s studied detachment — is exactly how varied his cold-blooded creativity runs as he fulfills missions. From the looks of SPECTRE‘s final trailer, Bond will keep on killing baddies without facing death himself, so the count will go up in short order.

In other words, you’d best watch this supercut before it’s rendered obsolete.

(Via Auralnauts)