‘War Dogs’ Could Have Starred James Corden If Shia LaBeouf Hadn’t Been Arrested

James Corden had a great bit on Monday’s edition of The Late Late Show in which he played the part of Matt Damon’s stuntman for Jason Bourne, and it was a nice break from Damon’s typical late night routine of feuding with Jimmy Kimmel. On Tuesday’s show, however, Corden reminded viewers of his own acting career and ambitions, revealing in his interview with Bradley Cooper and War Dogs director Todd Phillips that he was actually almost one of the two stars in the upcoming film. While Jonah Hill and Miles Teller star in Phillips’ story of young arms dealers, it could have been Corden and the most intense method actor in Hollywood not named Jared Leto, Shia LaBeouf.

As Corden recalls, LaBeouf was famously arrested after making a scene in the audience during a Broadway show, but it turns out that was also the night before Corden was supposed to audition alongside the actor and seemingly out-of-control performance artist. The day of the audition, LaBeouf was released and spotted on the street holding his shoelaces, which, as Corden helpfully explains, was because they take a person’s shoelaces in jail so he can’t hang himself with them. From there, things with LaBeouf got expectedly fun, as we can see from Corden’s War Dogs audition footage.