James Franco Is Answering ‘The Disaster Artist’ Phone Number As Tommy Wiseau, And He Loves Breadsticks

Since October, The Disaster Artist has taken over what seems to be the same billboard that Tommy Wiseau rented for The Room for over five years. Just like The Room’s billboard, it features a phone number that is being answered by Tommy Wiseau. Except this time, Wiseau is James Franco, and it’s all appropriately weird.

Franco doesn’t always answer the number — it usually goes to voicemail (you can read the transcript of the message here or just call the number), but some fans are getting through and Franco is taking Wiseau in a direction nobody every expected. Along with Red Bull, it seems like Wiseau really enjoys his breadsticks.

Here’s a recording of a recent call-in:

It’s unknown if Tommy Wiseau wants Franco besmirching his character by claiming he can’t stop eating Olive Garden’s breadsticks, but it makes for some truly fascinating marketing.
Seth Rogen is sharing other calls from fans on Twitter, with people from all walks of life sharing their weird little interactions with Tommy/James on the phone number. Excitement and anticipation for the movie has ramped up since reviews dropped, calling it one of the best of the year, but it’s still surprising that these tweets flew under the radar for so long.