James Franco Is Now Bald And Sporting A (Fake) Head Tattoo Of Elizabeth Taylor

James Franco is known for doing some pretty crazy things in the name of art. He’s almost started a war with North Korea over his new film with Seth Rogen, and this week he was causing a stir (or should we say turning heads) at the Venice Film Festival. The actor, who attended the event to promote his directorial effort The Sound of Fury and to receive the festival’s “Glory to the Filmmaker Award” showed up sporting a rather odd look. A velvet suit, fake mustache, bald head and tattoo of Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift were all part of the star’s zany makeover, but apparently his new style isn’t just for show. It’s for show business.

Franco did double duty at the festival, attending his own premiere while simultaneously filming scenes for his upcoming movie Zeroville. The new project is set in the ’70s and follows the life of a Hollywood obsessed man who is “so enamored with movies that they become a religion to him” the actor told the Associated Press. Franco shot the Zeroville scene in two takes which saw him walking onstage, in character, to accept a fake award as the words “35th: 1977 Venice Film Festival” showed on a background screen. While Franco asked festival goers to stow away their phones while filming took place, that rule didn’t apply to the actor himself. Here’s a look at the star’s quirky transformation and his antics at the festival courtesy of Franco’s own Instagram account:

Normal Franco


Bald Franco


New ink Franco


Classic Franco (insert plug for his new Gucci campaign)


And film festival Franco





Via LA Times