‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Would Have Made ‘Hitman’ If It Weren’t For One Hang-Up

02.22.17 2 years ago

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As demonstrated by Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn is more than capable of making a critically approved hit PG-13 fim. Heck, the same can be said about his approach to adult entertainment. Still, that doesn’t mean the former Tromaville denizen is always flexible with his craft. On Tuesday, Gunn shared that a hang-up over a certain expectation had him walking away from a high profile adaptation.

The subject came up when the Belko Experiment writer was out and about on Twitter. Asked about the prospect of doing the video game to cinema thing, Gunn mentioned a project he passed on roughly ten years back. (Or a few years back depending on which Hitman he was referring to.)

“I tried to make a Hitman movie a few years ago,” shared Gunn. “But the producers at the time didn’t want to make it R rated, so they passed.”

According to Gunn, the project came before the arrival of the R-rated Hitman films. It’s unclear if the movie was made as a Restricted offering because a PG-13 version was too difficult or if producers just revamped their vision is getting the chrome dome to the multiplex. For those mourning the Hitman film that never was, Gunn has a big ol’ silver lining around this project’s corpse.

That’s a reasonable trade. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will bring familiar creatures both big and Groot to the big screen on May 5.

(Via IGN)

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