Jamie Kennedy Channels John McClane In The Trailer For ‘Tremors 5’

Last year, it was announced that the lovably cheesy 1990 Kevin Bacon thriller Tremors was getting a reboot, and that was seriously great news, because movies today just don’t have enough giant worms and heroes with mullets. Now, we have the first trailer for the straight to Blu-ray Tremors 5, which stars Jamie Kennedy as a guy who joins Michael Gross hunting the graboids in Africa. And of course he’s out there in the dead of night quoting John McClane, because that’s exactly what every hero should be doing in the fifth installment of a franchise that we didn’t realize had even made a fourth movie.

Okay, maybe we did realize that, but I’m more confused by the reboot news now more than ever. Is Tremors 5 the reboot? Because calling it Tremors 5 isn’t really a reboot. Or did someone make the decision to squeeze Tremors 5 into the mix before the reboot happens because Jamie Kennedy was only going to stay attached for so long before another project snatched him away? And those are the only questions I have about Tremors 5, because this is a movie about giant worms eating people.