The First Trailer For Natalie Portman’s ‘Jane Got A Gun’ Means Business

About a week after getting a glimpse at the poster, the first trailer for Jane Got a Gun came out today and Natalie Portman is a real straight shooter. That was a really bad joke, but her character Jane Hammond truthfully is pretty good with the gun she was promised in the title. Anyone familiar with this movie knows that it hasn’t been the easiest production to get off the ground.

Going back as far as 2012, Jane Got a Gun might as well have been phrased as a question. By the time shooting started in 2013, the original director Lynne Ramsey (We Need to Talk About Kevin) didn’t show up for the first day on set and was swiftly replaced by Gavin O’Connor. His Warrior star, Joel Edgerton, plays Jane’s ex-lover but was originally in talks to play the villain now played by Ewan McGregor. Before Edgerton’s switcharoo, Michael Fassbender and then Jude Law were supposed to play Jane’s ex-lover. And Bradley Cooper was also attached at some point.

Basically, the departing stars made for an epic Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie, but this is harder to follow. Oh, and Relativity going bankrupt also didn’t help. But rest your 10-gallon be-hatted heads, kids — Jane Got a Gun will come to American movie theaters in February 2016.